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GMAR Assists UPAR With Houghton Flooding

On Sunday, June 17th, Houghton County, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, received 7-8 inches of rain in less than 5 hours, creating widespread, devastating floods, over 60 road washouts and sinkholes. On Monday, June 18, 2018, Governor Rick Snyder declared a state of disaster for communities within Houghton County.

On June 22nd, Vickey Livernois, CEO of the Greater Metropolitan Association of REALTORS® located in Southfield Michigan, reached out to the Upper Peninsula REALTORS® regarding the Copper Country flood disaster. On June 27th, GMAR's Board of Directors approved a motion to provide $5,000 to help support our REALTOR® family and community that was impacted by the flooding. Vickey stated, "We know that time is of the essence to get supplies, support, etc. to help rebuild the community to be stronger than ever, so keeping that in mind, we thought the best way to get these funds to those in need, would be to bring them directly to you!" On July 5th, in Munising, Michigan at the Interpretive Center a check presentation was held with GMAR Director, Scott Galloway, UPAR® Director from Houghton, Greg Oestrich and UPAR® Executive Director, Cynthia Spafford.

From the bottom of our hearts, we are grateful and thankful for our GMAR REALTOR® family. We thank them for their kindness and generosity as the Copper Country Communities recover from the devastation. We are so proud to be a part of the Michigan REALTOR® family.

GMAR Endorses Incumbents and New Comers in Upcoming Elections

SOUTHFIELD, MI - October 17, 2017, the Greater Metropolitan Association of Realtors® (GMAR) Board of Directors announced its endorsements in various elections across southeast Michigan.

"Realtors® have a long history of working diligently at all levels of government to protect the American Dream of homeownership and private property rights," said Karen Greenwood, President of the GMAR Board of Directors. "These candidates have all displayed their support and commitment to protecting those rights from excessive government regulation and overreach."

Oakland County:
Mike Fournier - Royal Oak Mayor
Sharlan Douglas - Royal Oak City Commission
David Poulton - Royal Oak City Commission
Brandon Kolo - Royal Oak City Commission
Ken Massey - Farmington Hills Mayor
Marian McClellan - Oak Park Mayor
Sunil Sivaraman - Troy City Council
David Hamilton - Troy City Council
Kenson Siver - Southfield Mayor
Michael Mandelbaum - Southfield City Council
Linnie Taylor - Southfield City Council

Wayne County:
William Wild - Westland Mayor
Meriem Kadi - Westland City Council
Tasha Green - Westland City Council
Michael Kehrer - Westland City Council
Jim Hart - Westland City Council
Daniel Paletko - Dearborn Heights Mayor
Robert Constan - Dearborn Heights City Council

Macomb County:
Robert Taylor - Roseville Mayor
Kenneth Butler - New Baltimore Mayor

All endorsed candidates completed a written questionnaire and an in-person screening hosted by a panel of Realtors® from the candidate's respective community.

Gordon McCann Named GMAR REALTOR® Active in Politics

Please join us in congratulating Gordon McCann on being named the GMAR REALTOR® Active in Politics for his years of service and advocacy for Realtors®.

In making the selection, the RAP Committee noted Gordon’s long standing dedication on matters of public policy at the local, state, and federal levels of government. His commitment to promoting the industry has never wavered.

Gordon has been actively involved on various government affairs and RPAC Committees for the last 20 years. He has also traveled to Washington, D.C. to participate in the NAR Midyear Conferences and meet with members of Congress to advocate on behalf of the industry.

For the last 22 years, Gordon has also invested in RPAC and consistently been a Golden R, Presidents Circle Major Investor. He was also inducted into the RPAC Hall of Fame, having invested over $25,000.

By being recognized as the GMAR Realtor® Active in Politics, Gordon will be considered for the statewide REALTOR® Active in Politics Award.

Gary Reggish Named GMAR REALTOR® of the Year

Congratulations to Gary Reggish on being named the GMAR REALTOR® of the Year.

Each year, GMAR members nominate Realtors® whom they believe should be recognized for their contributions to the industry.  This year, the selection committee chose Gary J. Reggish as the GMAR REALTOR® of the Year.

In making the selection, the ROTY Committee noted Gary’s extensive work at the local, state, and national level, having served on at least 22 GMAR, MR, or NAR Committees and/or Presidential Advisory Groups. Along with his substantial industry volunteer work, Gary has worked diligently in his community and with nonprofit organizations.

Professionally, Gary understands the importance of education in the profession. He has earned four designations:   Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource Certification (SFR); Certified Residential Specialist (CRS); National Association of Expert Advisors Designation; and the Luxury Home Marketing Designation.  Gary embodies the Code of Ethics. He has served as the broker/owner of a successful real estate office with 75 agents.

Gary has also been pivotal in raising the bar within the industry; going so far as to travel across the country to stress the importance of supporting Realtor® Champions through investments in RPAC.  He also consistently invests at the Golden R, Presidents Circle RPAC Major Investor level; and was also inducted into the RPAC Hall of Fame, having invested over $25,000.

By being recognized as the GMAR Realtor® of the Year, Gary will be considered for the statewide REALTOR® of the Year Award.
Vickey Livernois Appointed GMAR CEO

SOUTHFIELD, MI - August 23rd, in an a unanimous effort, the Greater Metropolitan Association of Realtors® (GMAR) Board of Directors appointed Vickey Livernois, a 20 year GMAR association veteran as its new Chief Executive Officer. Livernois will replace Duane Marsh who retired earlier this year.

“The Board of Directors conducted a nationwide search, and was most impressed with Vickey’s impeccable experience and passion for our organization,” said Karen Greenwood, President of the GMAR Board of Directors. “Year after year, GMAR raises the standards in the real estate industry, and under her leadership we are excited to see us continue on this path, ensuring the success of our members, our industry, and the communities we serve.”

“At GMAR, our members truly are greater. We have industry leaders that are recognized across the state and country; we are nationally recognized for the continuing education we provide our members; we are innovative and proactive; and we contribute to the professionalism of the industry,” said Vickey Livernois, CEO of GMAR. “GMAR has a visionary Board of Directors, a great group of volunteers, a dedicated staff, and 8,000 members that motivate our organization to be greater.

Livernois served as Interim Chief Executive Officer after Marsh retired. Previously, she served as the Deputy Executive Officer, responsible for the day-to-day operations of the association.

GMAR Awards Scholarships to 10 High School Students

Southfield, MI: On Tuesday, July 25, Greater Metropolitan Association of REALTORS® (GMAR) awarded the following 12th grade students of GMAR members $1000 scholarships.

  • Kailyn Marie Bondoni, attending University of Michigan
  • Adam Cohn, attending University of Michigan
  • Joshua Arland Dix, attending Michigan State University
  • Dominic Xavier Flint, attending Monroe County Community College
  • Taylor Ashton DeGregory, attending Michigan State University
  • Mackenzie Elizabeth Lukity, attending Central Michigan University
  • Landon Iodice, attending Northern Michigan University
  • Larenz Martin, attending Oakland Community College
  • Cloe Nazeer, attending Wayne State University
  • Dane Riha, attending Michigan Tech

The GMAR Scholarship Program launched in April, 2017, to support GMAR Realtors® and their families. GMAR directly funds all scholarships awarded. There are two scholarships. The first is the Realtor® Members Scholarship offered to GMAR Realtor® members for Realtor® and broker education classes. The second is the Higher Education Scholarship offered to graduating senior high school children of current GMAR members.


Realtors® Refurbish Park and Install Little Libraries

Southfield, MI: Realtors® and their affiliate partners of the Greater Metropolitan Association of Realtors® (GMAR) gathered at Realtor Park in Royal Oak this past Friday, June 2, to perform their annual renovations to the park! They cleaned out the gardens, put a new coat of paint on the equipment, spread new mulch, and installed two “Little Free Libraries,” constructed by Transitions Remodeling in Farmington Hills. Realtors® stocked the libraries with children’s books, and the sign on the front reads “Take a Book - Leave a Book.” Karen Greenwood, the President of GMAR, said “Our Association served more than just our members. This community project will touch many lives moving forward.”

Greater Realtors® Announce Placemaking Grant Initiative

Southfield, MI: The Greater Metropolitan Association of Realtors® (GMAR), a local trade group representing over 7,200 Realtors® across metro Detroit, recently announced the creation of its Placemaking Grant Initiative. GMAR is looking to partner its members with local governments or organizations to revitalize community gathering spaces.

“It’s often said, ‘Realtors® sell communities, not just properties,’ and at GMAR we believe that to be true. When families come to Realtors® in search of their new homes, one of the first things they consider about where to look is sometimes largely based on if there‘s a sense of community,” said Karen Greenwood, President of GMAR. “Placemaking is perfect for us because it works to create that sense of community.”

“GMAR’s Placemaking Grants are really unique because it fosters an environment where collaboration, from the bottom-up, can create vibrant gathering places,” said Duane Marsh, CEO of GMAR. “Placemaking is also ideal, because it’s not one-sized fits all—it’s creative and can take any shape, whether it’s building a community garden, pocket park, pedestrian plaza, or others.”

Applicants can apply for two different types of grants. The first, Small Improvement Project Grants, range from $1,000 to $2,500 and are for projects that can make a large impact with a little funding. The second, Shifting the Paradigm Project Grants, range from $2,500 to $5,000 and are designed to largely transform a neighborhood or community.

To find out more information on the program or to apply for a grant, visit

Ransomware Warning

By now I'm sure that you have heard of the pain that criminals are inflicting on businesses worldwide utilizing a ransomware called Wanna Cry or WannaCrypt. This is the latest in the continuing explosion of ransomware being distributed most frequently through phishing emails. These email messages often look like they are coming from someone you know and contain a link to a website or have an attached file (often a zip file). The content of these emails is increasingly modified to seem more legitimate. The authors of such emails are researching companies to use the real names of important people within the company thereby increasing the likelihood the message will be opened.

Microsoft released patches for vulnerabilities the Wanna Cry exploits in March for current operating systems. Microsoft recently issued patches for no longer current operating systems. The Microsoft team has also published technical guidance for customers that you are welcome to read through.

Your actions to prevent infections are very important. DO NOT CLICK on any attachments unless you have verified the recipient. If there's any questions about a suspicious e-mail, call the sender first BEFORE clicking links or opening attachments.

Some common themes within phishing/malware messages include:

  • A "To" address that does not match your email address.
  • A link to Dropbox or Google Docs.
  • A sender's email address that does not match the name of the company that it claims to be from.
  • A foreign phone number or email address.
  • A Word document attachment and a password or pass-code.
  • A date somewhere in the email that is not formatted MM/DD/YYYY.
  • Subjects that include "invoice" or "transfer".

If you have any doubt about an email, call the sender (do not reply to the email) or delete the message. It is much better to delete a message then get infected. If in doubt, throw it out.

- The Applied Imaging NetSmart Team

GMAR Helps Realtors® Members Clean House

Southfield, MI: May 5, over 80 Realtors came out to the Greater Metropolitan Association of Realtors® (GMAR) for their second annual Shred Day. Since launching Shred Day in 2016, GMAR has helped Realtor® members securely destroy and recycle thousands of pounds of sensitive documents and personal information - helping to keep that information out of the hands of potential thieves.

Shredding sensitive documents like old bank statements, tax returns (7 years or older), medical bills, utility statements and pre-approved credit card offers is the single best way you can prevent identity theft, the fastest growing crime in the U.S. with more than 13 million victims annually.

President Karen Greenwood said, "It's a great way for our leadership team to meet our members face-to-face, and provide a great service to them. Although it was cold and wet, we were warmed by the gratitude from those who came.”

January is National Radon Action Month

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has designated January as National Radon Action Month. Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers, responsible for more than 20,000 deaths annually in the United States alone. Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas released in rock, soil, and water that can accumulate to dangerous levels inside homes, schools, and other buildings. It cannot be seen, and has no odor; the only way a family can know if their house has a radon problem is if they test for it.

Get a Radon Test Kit »

Radon levels for GMAR membership counties include: Oakland, 29% of results 4 pCi/L and above; Macomb, 11% of results 4 pCi/L and above; Wayne, 17% of results 4 pCi/L and above; Livingston, 40% of results 4 pCi/L and above. See below for what these numbers mean.

Look up Radon Levels for my County »

What is a safe level of radon gas?

A safe level of radon gas is no radon gas. Radon gas is a carcinogen which causes lung cancer. The US EPA has put it plainly, stating, "Any radon exposure has some risk of causing lung cancer. The lower the radon level in your home, the lower your family's risk of lung cancer." The average person receives a higher dose of radiation from the radon levels in their home than from their combined exposure to all other radiation sources, natural or man-made. Radon gas is a naturally-occurring byproduct of the radioactive decay of Uranium in the soil. Depending on your geographic location, the radon levels of the air you breathe outside of your home may be as high as 0.75 pCi/L. The national average of outside radon levels is 0.4 pCi/L and it is estimated by the National Academy of Sciences that outdoor radon levels cause approximately 800 of the 21,000 radon induced lung cancer deaths in the US each year. Your risk of lung cancer increases substantially with exposure to higher radon levels. Lung cancer risk rises 16% per 2.7 pCi/L increase in radon exposure. (World Health Organization, 2009) Studies show that radon is the primary cause of lung cancer among people who have never smoked. However, the absolute numbers of radon-induced lung cancers are much larger in people who smoke, or who have smoked in the past, due to a strong combined effect of smoking and radon.

What is an acceptable level of radon gas?

Radon Act 51 passed by Congress set the natural outdoor level of radon gas (0.4 pCi/L) as the target radon level for indoor radon levels. Unfortunately two-thirds of all homes exceed this level. The US EPA was tasked with setting practical guidelines and recommendations for the nation. To this end, the US EPA has set an action level of 4 pCi/L. At or above this level of radon, the EPA recommends you take corrective measures to reduce your exposure to radon gas. This does not imply that a level below 4.0 pCi/L is considered acceptable, as stated in the BEIR VI study. It is estimated that a reduction of radon levels to below 2 pCi/L nationwide would likely reduce the yearly lung cancer deaths attributed to radon by 50%. However, even with an action level of 2.0 pCi/L, the cancer risk presented by radon gas is still hundreds of times greater than the risks allowed for carcinogens in our food and water. According to

GMAR Donates Medical Service Dog to Veteran

Southfield, MI: The Greater Metropolitan Association of REALTORS® (GMAR), the top local association of REALTORS® in the state of Michigan, held its second annual “Gives Thanks” party on November 18 at Punch Bowl Social Detroit. The party celebrated and honored service men and women and veterans, as well as the entire GMAR membership. This was the second fundraiser of the year to raise enough money to train a medical service dog to assist a Michigan military veteran through Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs.

The dog was chosen, Cobalt Realtor® Blue, and the price was set at $22,000. Considering in year’s past GMAR had only raised around $6,000 for their charities, it was a lofty goal. At the annual Golf Outing in September, GMAR raised $6,000. Over 300 members, friends, and family members turned out for the party. Even with all the ticket sales and raffle prizes, it appeared they wouldn’t make it. Then, one real estate broker anteed up $1,000, and challenged his peers to do the same. Another, gave, then another, and another. Before the night was over, the tally was in. GMAR raised exactly $22,000!

GMAR sends special thanks to the following for their substantial contributions: Carol Boji of ReMax Classic, Rick Linnell, John McCardle, Kathy Coon of Real Living Great Lakes, Brenda & Brendan Brosnan, John North of Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel, James Cristbrook of Shain Park Realtors®, Doug Whitehouse of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, John Meesseman of Real Living Kee Realty, Gary Reggish of Remerica United, Keller Williams Lakeside, Christopher Ayers, Bob Struck of Changing Places Moving, and WCR Rochester.

GMAR President Debbie Zalewski said “I couldn’t be more proud to see so many of my peers and friends stepping up to save the life of a Michigan veteran.” Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs Founder and CEO Carol Borden informed attendants that 22 vets suffering from PTSD succeed in taking their life each day, and that 90% of married vets suffering from PTSD divorce. She said that when paired with a Guardian Angels Medical Service Dog, both of those rates drop to ZERO.

The Association is very proud of its compassionate members for both volunteering their time to put on such a wildly successful event and for raising the most money GMAR has ever donated to charity in a year. REALTORS® truly do make a difference in the communities they serve, in more ways than one might imagine.

GMAR Welcomes New Director of Community Affairs

Southfield, MI: Duane Marsh, CEO of the Greater Metropolitan Association of REALTORS® (GMAR) named Travis Greer to serve as the Director of Realtor® and Community Affairs.

"The Board of Directors and I are really excited to add Travis to our great team at GMAR. His vast knowledge of government, at every level, will be invaluable to GMAR members. In this newly created position, Travis will work with REALTORS® to identify community issues and resolve challenges in the industry,"said Marsh.

Greer previously served as a Legislative Director in the Michigan House of Representatives to State Rep. Frank Liberati (D-Allen Park) and former State Rep. David Knezek (D-Dearborn Heights). He holds a Master's Degree in Legislative Affairs from The George Washington University and a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

2016 Election Results
GMAR endorsed 25 candidates for public office in the 2016 election year
    • 23 candidates running for the Michigan House of Representatives
    • 2 candidates running for Oakland County level offices
    • 12 Republicans and 13 Democrats
    • 24 candidates were successful in their bid - 1 candidate was unsuccessful
10th: Leslie Love (D) 32,815 (81%) William Brang (R) 6,028 (14%)
16th: Robert Kosowski (D) 24,144 (63%) Matthew Marrow (R) 13,599 (36%)
19th: Laura Cox (R) 30,372 (61%) Steve King (D) 19,180 (38%)
20th: Jeff Noble (R) 27,438 (53%) Colleen Pobur (D) 23,768 (46%)
21st: Kristy Pagan-D 28,262 (59%) Derek Moss (R) 19,295 (40%)
Clerk: Lisa Brown (D) 331,839 (54%) Bill Bullard (R) 277,730 (45%)
Tres: Andy Meisner (D) 333,725 (54%) John McCulloch (R) 278,902 (45%)
26th: Jim Ellison (D) 26,790 (59%) Randy LeVasseur (R) 18,333 (40%)
27th: Robert Wittenberg (D) 36,393 (76%) Kyle Forest (R) 11,008 (23%)
38th: Kathy Crawford (R) 28,206 (57%) Amy McCusker (D) 20,714 (42%)
39th: Klint Kesto (R) 25,024 (50%) Michael Stack (D) 20,973 (42%)
35th: Jeremy Moss (D) 44,747 (83%) Robert Brim (R) 8,641 (16%)
37th: Christine Greig (D) 29,180 (60%) Mitch Swoboda (R) 17,209 (35%)
18th: Kevin Hertel (D) 29,245 (63%) Renata Polonaise (R) 16,952 (36%)
22nd: John Chirkun (D) 21,482 (60%) Jeff Bonnell (R) 12,337 (34%)
24th: Steve Marino (R) 23,950 (55%) Dana C. Peterson (D) 19,545 (44%)
25th: Henry Yanez (D) 21,881 (54%) Steve Naumovski (R) 18,545 (45%)
28th: Patrick Green (D) 22,673 (66%) Antoine Davison (R) 11,517 (33%)
30th: Diana Farrington (R) 19,846 (53%) Michael Notte (D) 17,010 (46%)
31st: William Sowerby (D) 22,734 (56%) Lisa V. Nowc (R) 15,741 (38%)
32nd: Pam Hornberger (R) 25,629 (63%) Paul Manley (D) 15,630 (36%)
33rd: Jeff Yaroch (R) 30,279 (70%) Yani Warda (D) 12,975 (29%)
36th: Peter Lucido (R) 33,290 (71%) Diane Young (D) 13,045 (28%)
40th: Michael McCready (R) 30,660 (53%) Nicole Bedi (D) 26,670 (46%)
41st: Martin Howrylak (R) 26,708 (56%) Cyndi Peltonen (D) 20,607 (43%)
45th: Michael Webber (R) 29,131 (62%) Ted Golden (D) 17,797 (37%)


Bold Indicates GMAR Endorsed - Italics Indicates Highly Competitive Election

E'toile L. Libbett Named REALTOR® Active in Politics

Southfield, MI: The Greater Metropolitan Association of REALTORS®’ (GMAR) REALTOR® Active in Politics award is presented to a REALTOR® who has encouraged, educated, identified and recruited individuals by their contribution, investment and efforts in all levels of the governmental and political arenas. GMAR’s 2016 REALTOR® Active in Politics is E’toile L. Libbett of Real Estate One in Southfield.

“I am humbled to receive this honor for doing something for which I am passionate. My involvement has given me the opportunity to serve my profession and my community.” said E’toile.

Mrs. Libbett has been a Federal Political Coordinator to Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick for 10 years, Hansen Clark for 2 years, and Brenda Lawrence from 2014 to present.

E’toile is the Delegate for Southfield’s 12th District. As such, she attended the Democratic Convention and was a voting Delegate.

In 1997, E’toile spoke on behalf of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) at the Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference. When she first moved to Southeast Michigan, E’toile worked on Brenda Lawrence’s mayoral campaigns: 2001, 2005, 2009, and 2013, and continues to work on her congressional campaigns.

E’toile is a Silver Circle REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC) investor. She has served on the GMAR Government Affairs Committee for one year, the Detroit Association of REALTORS® Government Affairs Committee for 12 years, Michigan REALTORS® Public Policy Committee for 2 years, Michigan REALTORS® Urban Reinvestment Task Force, National Political Affairs Committee, National Public Policy Committee, National Public Policy Coordinating Committee, National Public Policy Forum, National Federal Housing Policy Committee, National Issues Mobilization Committee, the Executive Board of the Oakland County Democratic Party, Southfield Non-Profit Corporation Board of Directors, and Southfield Neighborhood Reinvestment Initiative LLC.

She regularly attends State Achieve Leadership Conferences, Broker Summits, Conventions, and Capitol Hill Visits, as well as National political affairs seminars and RPAC seminars. E’toile has attended the national legislative meetings in Washington for more than 20 years.

GMAR’s CEO Duane Marsh says, “E’toile sets the standard for political and legislative action. She brings the right blend of knowledge and passion to the process and certainly understands and protects the environments in which her colleagues practice.”
Debbie Zalewski Named REALTOR® of the Year

Southfield, MI: The Greater Metropolitan Association of REALTORS®' (GMAR) REALTOR® of the Year award honors a REALTOR® for civic and association activity, business and educational experience and "REALTOR® Spirit" (professional competence and faithfulness to the principles of real estate, as well as to the laws and regulations of the State and National Code of Ethics). GMAR's 2016 REALTOR® of the Year is Debbie Zalewski of Real Living Kee Realty in Troy.

"I get great joy from seeing my collegues grow, succeed, and prosper. This industry has given a tremendouse amount to me and I love being able to give back" said Debbie.

You can hear Debbie on "Money Matters" on CKWW, AM 580. She can also be seen on the premiere episode of "Keeping It Real Estate" on WBRW out of Romeo. Debbie is a member of the Sunrise Network Group (SNG) Circle of Senior Services Networking Group (COSS) and has been a member of the Habitat for Humanity Women's Build Steering Committee for the past three years. Whether she is assisting the senior community, cleaning up REALTORS® Park, or hosting Leader Dogs for the Blind events, Debbie is constantly contributing to our industry. "She brings great passion, enthusiasm, and energy to everything she does" said Brenda Lee Szlachta, Michigan Women's Council of REALTORS® State President.

Debbie has been licensed REALTOR® for 24 years and holds an associate brokers license. Educational designations include the Performance Management Network (PMN), Short Sales & Foreclosure Resource (SFR), and Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES). In 2012 she was recognized nationally with a Diamond Elite Premier Service Award. Debbie is a certified Real Estate Prelicense Instructor and teaches with NCI, LLC.

Debbie Z is the 2016 GMAR President, and served as President Elect and Financial Secretary prior to this position. Other positions include 2016 NAR Director, 2016 RPAC Trustee, 2015 Michigan REALTORS® Big Data PAC, 2015 Realcomp II Board of Governors, 2016 Women's Council of REALTORS® (WCR) National Steering Committee, 2015 WCR Region 2 Vice President, WCR National Nominating Committee, 2014 WCR President of the Michigan State Chapter, 2013 WCR President Elect, 2012 WCR State Governor, 2009-2011 WCR President, Rochester Chapter. Debbie continues to show her commitment to the industry as a REALTORS® Political Aaction Committee (RPAC) Presidents Circle, Sterling R Investor.

GMAR CEO Duane Marsh said, "Debbie has proven her top-level status as a leader in the real estate profession time and again. We are proud to honor her as GMAR's REALTOR® of the Year."

Ted Edginton Named Affiliate of the Year

Southfield, MI: Theodore T. Edginton, NMLS #502442, U.S. Bank loan officer, has been named the 2016 Affiliate of the Year by the Greater Metropolitan Association of REALTORS® (GMAR). This award recognizes professionals who are instrumental in the success of local realtors.

“Ted is one of our most active and engaged affiliate members,” said Karen Greenwood, 2017 GMAR president. “He epitomizes professionalism in his actions and work. He serves on a number of committees and is always available to help. We can’t thank Ted enough for the invaluable contribution he makes in the success of our Realtor members.”

“Receiving such an honor demonstrates Ted’s hard work and dedication to help make U.S. Bank a mortgage industry leader,” said Tom Wind, U.S. Bank Home Mortgage division president. “Ted has grown by consistently proving he is a trusted choice for home mortgage, delivering on his commitments, providing exceptional customer experience, and getting better every day. Earning recognition proves Ted’s focus to go above and beyond for his clients and referral partners.”

About U.S. Bank
Minneapolis-based U.S. Bancorp (NYSE: USB), with $446 billion in assets as of Dec. 31, 2016, is the parent company of U.S. Bank National Association, the fifth largest commercial bank in the United States. The company operates 3,106 banking offices in 25 states and 4,842 ATMs and provides a comprehensive line of banking, investment, mortgage, trust and payment services products to consumers, businesses and institutions. Visit U.S. Bancorp on the web at

Deposit products offered by U.S. Bank National Association. Member FDIC. Credit products offered by U.S. Bank National Association and subject to normal credit approval.

U.S. Bank and its representatives do not provide tax or legal advice. Each individual's tax and financial situation is unique. Individuals should consult their tax and/or legal advisor for advice and information concerning their particular situation.

U.S. Bank is not affiliated with the companies or organizations mentioned above.
REALTORS® Endorse 24 Candidates for State Representative

Southfield, MI: The Greater Metropolitan Association of REALTORS® (GMAR), the largest local association of REALTORS® in the state, made recommendation to Michigan REALTORS® to endorse 24 candidates for State Representative. The recommendations were made based upon information gathered from a series of interviews GMAR conducted in May. GMAR and Michigan REALTORS® believe that the following candidates will best represent the REALTORS® position in protecting private property owners' rights.

House District 10, Leslie Love
House District 16, Robert Kosowski
House District 19, Laura Cox
House District 20, Chris Roosen
House District 21, Kristy Pagan
House District 22, John Chirkun
House District 24, Steven Marino
House District 25, Henry Yanez
House District 26, Jim Ellison
House District 27, Robert Wittenberg
House District 28, Patrick Green
House District 30, Diana Farrington
House District 31, Bill Sowerby
House District 32, Michael Shmina
House District 33, Mel Koch
House District 35, Jeremy Moss
House District 36, Peter Lucido
House District 37, Christine Greig
House District 38, Kathy Crawford
House District 39, Klint Kesto
House District 40, Michael McCready
House District 41, Martin Howrylak
House District 45, Michael Webber

View Pictures »

REALTORS® Revitalize Park in Royal Oak

Southfield, MI: Over 40 REALTORS®, affiliate and staff members, along with family members, of the Greater Metropolitan Association of REALTORS® (GMAR), the premier board of REALTORS® for Southeast Michigan, joined together to begin the restoration process of REALTORS® Park in Royal Oak, located at Main & Sunnybrook, this past Saturday, May 21. Starting at 8 in the morning, the group removed trash, debris, dead and overgrown vegetation, made minor repairs to equipment, and put a fresh coat of paint on the equipment.

James Cristbrook, Member of the GMAR Member Engagement Committee who planned the event, said that “this is just the first phase of the restoration process. Next we’ll upgrade the playground equipment, and then begin soliciting organizations to ‘adopt’ the park - meaning they’ll take over maintenance of the park.” The event was made possible by grants from the National Association of REALTORS®, Michigan REALTORS®, and GMAR. First American Title provided breakfast, and Shain Park REALTORS® provided lunch for the volunteers.

GMAR President Debbie Z said “we love the communities we serve, and you can expect to see more of our REALTORS® going above and beyond through this sort of activity.”

See the pictures of our happy, hard-working volunteers at

Volunteers  Painting

REALTOR® Community Awards Scholarships to Local Students

Southfield, MI: The Greater Metropolitan Association of REALTORS® (GMAR), the premier board of REALTORS® in Southeast Michigan, assisted the REALTOR® Scholarship Fund in awarding 39 Scholarships to local high school graduates. Nearly 100 students and guests attended the awards ceremony held on Tuesday, May 10, where students received certificates and warm handshakes from the REALTOR® Scholarship Fund Trustees as their supporters applauded.

Founded in 1973, the REALTOR® Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to Michigan students based on scholastic record, character, community service, work record, and financial need. Awards are made from the annual contributions of the REALTOR® community. Since 1983, the volunteer-based Board of Trustees has interviewed and awarded over 1,000 scholarships to students entering college.

For further information and to make a donation to the fund, contact one of the Fund's co-chairs, Jan Britton, 248-548-9100,, or Kathie Whitehouse, 248-646-6200,

2016 Award Recipients

Name High School College/University
Ali Arsha Athens High School Oakland University
Arthur Alexia Detroit Country Day School Western Michigan University
Barbret Morgan Roseville High School Central Michigan University
Buhay Sarah Bishop Foley University of Detroit Mercy
Cholagh Anthony Adlai Stevenson High School Oakland University
Crowe Zoe Rochester Adams Michigan State University
Davidson Maya Warren Mott High School Western Michigan University
Dowling Mari International Academy East Michigan State University
Ellis Angelica Wylie Groves High School Grand Valley Sate University
Emerson Emily Lincoln High School Grand Valley Sate University
Evans Diana Warren Woods Tower Ferris State University
Fahrney Maxwell Richmond High School Central Michigan University
Glaza Samantha Royal Oak High School Adrian College
Hampton Michaela Royal Oak High School Michigan State University
Hicks Darrius Southfield High School University of Michigan-Drb.
Irons Andrew Stoney Creek High School Michigan State University
Jabaoro Samantha Regina High School Oakland University
Jaeger Andrew Shrine Catholic High School University of Michigan
Kalsi Harpreet International Academy East University of Michigan
Kelley Michael Rochester High School Michigan State University
King Carly Dakota High School Michigan State University
Lamb Kara Regina High School Grand Valley Sate University
Marcopoli Nicholas Bishop Foley University of Michigan
McCleary Jessica Marian High School Michigan State University
Minamyer Molly Ferndale High School Wayne State University
Nowicki Alexandra Armada High School College for Creative Studies
Nowicki Kira Armada High School Oakland University
Pauken Justin De La Salle Collegiate University of Michigan
Perry Emma Richmond High School Michigan State University
Reece Ashley Richmond High School Saginaw Valley University
Riesterer Nicholas Dakota High School University of Michigan
Shafique Muhammad Adlai Stevenson High School Michigan State University
Stimpson Evan Rochester High School Western Michigan University
Strand Natalie Berkley High School Northern Michigan University
Thomas Christina Eisenhower High School University of Michigan
Tyle Trevor Bishop Foley Oakland University
VanderVlucht Eryn Roseville High School Olivet College
Webb Bailey Rochester High School Grand Valley Sate University
Wylie Alex Rochester High School Oakland Community College


Important Transfer Tax Changes to Beginning 2016

At the close of 2015, Governor Snyder signed into law legislation providing clarity to Michigan's State Real Estate Transfer Tax. House Bill 4173, sponsored by Realtor®-member and Representative Dave Maturen (R-Brady Twp.) revises the State Real Estate Transfer Tax to clarify two items:

  1. The party that paid the transfer tax may request the refund if a refund is due, and
  2. Clarify that Exemption (u) applies when the SEV at the time of sale of a Principle Residence is less than or equal to the original SEV on the purchase.
The Michigan Supreme Court recently broadened the application of Exemption (u) by removing the requirement that True Cash Value be realized in a transfer. The legislation enshrines this change, offering important clarity and tax relief to distressed sellers.

In addition, this legislation gives buyers the same refund rights as sellers when it is determined that the transfer tax was paid unnecessarily by a buyer. Refund rights under the Sate Transfer Tax are available up to 4 years and 15 days from a transfer.

To better aid members in reaching out to their former and current clients that may qualify, the refund application form is found here. (Please note that the current refund form does not reflect the change in law. The State Treasury will be updating the form in the coming weeks).

The following Q&A's are intended to illustrate exemption (u)'s applicability:
QUESTION: Some clients of mine sold their principal residence in 2013 and the SEV was lower at the time they sold it than when they purchased it. They just found out that they might be entitled to a refund of the state transfer tax they paid. They sold the house at a profit; will they still be entitled to the refund?
ANSWER: YES, to qualify for the state transfer tax refund, the SEV at the time of purchase must be higher than the SEV at the time of sale. The fact that they sold the house at a profit has no effect on their ability to get a refund.
QUESTION: Some clients of mine bought vacant land in 2011 on which they had a house constructed in 2012. They sold the house in late 2014. Will they be entitled to a state transfer tax refund if the SEV of their property at the time the house was completed was more than at the time of sale?
ANSWER: NO, since at the time of purchase, the land was vacant, they cannot claim a refund of the state transfer tax since the property was not their principal residence at the time of purchase.
Please contact Brian Westrin at or 517.372.8890 with any questions.
2015 REALTOR® of the Year: Maureen Francis

Southfield, MI: The Greater Metropolitan Association of REALTORS®’ (GMAR) REALTOR® of the Year award honors a REALTOR® for civic and association activity, business and educational experience and “REALTOR® Spirit” (professional competence and faithfulness to the principles of real estate, as well as to the laws and regulations of the State and National Code of Ethics). GMAR’s 2015 REALTOR® of the Year is Maureen Francis of Signature Sotheby’s International Realty in Birmingham.

Maureen has served GMAR on many committees and task forces over the years as well as on the Board of Directors and Realcomp Board of Governors, and the Realcomp Shareholder’s task force. During Maureen’s presidency, the Association began its Past President's Luncheons, started to offer RealSatisfied to members, successfully launched an affiliate sponsorship program, became a Corporate Platinum R Investor, reviewed and revised bylaws and the policy manual, instituted a plan to increase RPAC participation, increased participation at the Annual Membership Meeting and Brought NAR TechEdge to membership. Maureen has also been active in leadership of the Birmingham Bloomfield Chapter of the WCR, and she was honored as their 2014 Realtor of the Year.

For the last two years, Maureen has sat on the Realcomp Shareholders task force. She's happy that the task force has been able to successfully work toward Realcomp’s membership in the GLR, which will benefit Southeast Michigan REALTORS® enormously through access to one shared database of listing information.

Maureen currently serves on the Boards of Directors of both Michigan REALTORS® and The National Association of REALTORS® and she is a 2015 graduate of NAR’s prestigious Leadership Academy. She has served on various committees at both the state and national levels, and she recently developed and presented a webinar for NAR on Boomerang Buyers.

Maureen is an Associate Broker. Her designations include ePRO, SFR, PMN and she is a former SRES Designee. A strong believer in the importance of RPAC, Maureen maintains President's Circle Sterling R status.

Maureen had this to say about winning, “I am so very honored. GMAR has many exceptional volunteer leaders who serve our industry and are committed to advancing our profession, and I am inspired by many of my peers. I truly love the opportunities that being a REALTOR® has given to me and my family.”

She is a former US Peace Corps Volunteer where she worked in Ukraine in the first group of Peace Corps Volunteers in the Former Soviet Union. She’s served on the Zoning Board of Appeals of Beverly Hills and has volunteered as a PTA and room mother at Beverly Elementary School. She is a member of the Steering Committee with Habitat Oakland Women's Build, and part of the Beverly Hills Community Garden Steering Committee.

GMAR President Frank Tarala said, “Maureen Francis is most deserving of this award based on her unselfish contributions to our real estate world. From a national level to the local level, Maureen brings well thought out perspectives that keep moving our industry forward. Congratulation Maureen!”

2015 REALTOR® Active in Politics: John McArdle

Southfield, MI: The Greater Metropolitan Association of REALTORS®’ (GMAR) REALTOR® Active in Politics award is presented to a REALTOR® who has encouraged, educated, identified and recruited individuals by their contribution, investment and efforts in all levels of the governmental and political arenas. GMAR’s 2015 REALTOR® Active in Politics is John McArdle of Remerica Hometown One in Plymouth.

Over the past 27 years, John has testified in Lansing on home ownership and mortgage issues and met with numerous members of congress and staff at State and Federal levels to discuss topics including: importance of home ownership, mortgage issues, debt forgiveness, mortgage interest deduction and a continued smooth transfer of private property. John has served as a liaison for the I-275 communities to monitor real estate issues for Plymouth, Canton, Northville and Livonia. John fought hard alongside MR in Lansing to defeat tax on services and other affronts to private property rights and REALTORS®. John has served countless years on MR Public Policy Committee with passion and with a "street level" approach to analyzing potential legislation. These years spent dedicated to REALTORS® has helped him form long lasting friendships throughout the State of Michigan. In May of this year, John was inducted into the National Association of Realtors NAR RPAC Hall of Fame for having contributed substantially to RPAC over the years.

GMAR’s CEO Duane Marsh says, “The real estate profession takes its legislative activities very seriously. Leaders have to step up to ensure that our legislative power and influence is maintained. John is one of those leaders who freely gives of his time and expertise to maintain our legislative leadership. GMAR is indeed fortunate to have John as a member of our board.”

At GMAR, John served as President Elect in 1997, President in 1998 and then came back on the Board of Directors from 2013 to present as a Director. Having contributed $5,000 in his first year and $2,000 thereafter to RPAC, he is a rank Golden R contributor. He has served at the local level on the political affairs committee, public policy committee and RPAC for more than 10 years and other government affairs committees for more than 8 years. John has served on the State public policy committee for 14 years and the State RPAC for 2 years; as well as attended the Achieve Leadership Conference for 10+ years, the Annual Convention for 25+ years, MR Broker Summit for 10+ years and over 20 years of Capitol Hill Visits. For the last 21 years, McArdle has regularly attended the NAR legislative meetings in Washington (Midyear/My REALTOR® Party). John served as a Federal Political Coordinator to Representative David Trott for one year.

GMAR President Frank Tarala had this to say, “I don't think a person exists who knows more about the present and past of real estate than John McArdle. I see John as a long time student of our business and his knowledge of the past, combined with his present day perspectives, gives us the right voice to convey our message to those who are running for office and those elected.”
New Legislation that Impacts You!

Effective January 1, 2015, new legislation (Public Act 106 of 2014) takes effect that has a direct impact on you and your real estate license.

Below you will find some of the highlighted changes and requirements.

The overall requirements do not change: Within each 3-year cycle, licensees must still complete at least 18 hours of continuing education courses that involve any subjects that are relevant to the management, operation and practice of real estate or any other subject that contributes to the professional competence of a licensee. Licensees must complete at least 2 hours of the required 18 hours each year, involving law, rules and court cases regarding real estate.

NEW! Licensees must present their pocket card AND driver's license for admittance into any course.

NEW! Any course that you successfully complete to obtain a professional designation is counted toward the total credits required.

NEW! Course providers are no longer required to submit the student information to the LARA for verification of attendance, instead, it is now the responsibility of licensees to retain evidence of their completion for at least 4 years afterwards, and be able to produce this information at the request of LARA.

This also means that schools and course providers cannot track how many hours have been completed. This responsibility will lie solely on the licensees and their records. KEEP YOUR CERTIFICATES SOMEWHERE ACCESSIBLE AND SAFE!

Acceptable documentation, a completion certificate for example, needs to include:

  • Course provider name, contact information & signature for verification
  • Course title, date and location of course, and the length of course (LARA requires their hours to be only 50 minutes)
  • Your name and license number


NEW! If the department finds, as the result of an audit, that sufficient hours have not been completed, they may allow renewal by completing both of the following:

  • Completion of missed hours (those that should have been taken during the 3-year cycle, but were not)
  • If the period determined by the audit to be deficient is at least 60 days, additional hours of continuing education is required:
    • If the deficiency period is at least 60 days, but less than 120, additional 4 hours is required.
    • If the deficiency period is 120 days or more, additional 8 hours is required

And if these additional hours are required, and completed during the following licensing cycle, they do not apply towards that licensing cycle's requirements.


The required hours have not changed, but just as a refresher:

18 hours total is required for all licensees, of which at least 2 per year are completed and involve law, rules and court cases regarding real estate during each 3-year cycle. Our current 3-year cycle runs from November 1, 2012 through October 31, 2015.

Any licensee (broker, associate broker or salesperson) who receives their license in the second year of the 3-year cycle is required to complete only 12 hours (2 per year that involve law, rules and court cases).

Any licensee (broker, associate broker or salesperson) who receives their license in the third year of the 3-year cycle is required to complete only 6 hours (2 of them involving law, rules, court cases).

And as always, any course credit that is used to meet continuing education requirements do not apply toward the real estate broker's license prelicensure education requirements and vice versa.

GMAR Inducted to 2014 REBAC Hall of Fame

Southfield, MI: The Greater Metropolitan Association of REALTORS® (GMAR) has been inducted to the 2014 Real Estate Buyer's Agent Council's (REBAC) "Hall of Fame" presented by REBAC of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® (NAR).

GMAR was nominated for the 2014 REBAC Hall of Fame by fellow REBAC members and was selected by an independent panel of real estate industry leaders. The local REALTOR® association has been an outstanding leader in the real estate community and has made a visible difference for buyer's representation needs in the Detroit metropolitan area. GMAR serves a membership base of over 6,000, and provides a multifaceted array of assistance and services. GMAR exhibits itself as an outlet of knowledge for REALTORS® in working with buyers and has shown high principles and furtherance of the principles of good practice among REALTORS®.

The Real Estate Buyer's Agent Council, REBAC, was founded in 1988 to promote superior buyer representation skills and services. An affiliate of THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® since 1996, REBAC's membership now numbers well over 30,000 and is the world's largest organization of real estate professionals concentrating on buyer representation. Members who meet all course and professional experiential requirements are awarded the ABR® (Accredited Buyer's Representative) and/or ABRM (Accredited Buyer's Representative Manager) designation(s). Both are the only designations of their type recognized by NAR.

You may contact REBAC by telephone, (800) 648-6224, by e-mail, [], or by visiting the REBAC Web site,

GMAR Education Director Vickey Livernois stated, "We've been teaching REBAC courses for many years, but when the market in our area started to slow down, our association created the MemberMaxâ„¢ program that would enable our members to attend our courses and increase their education and professionalism." MemberMaxâ„¢ is a type of membership that allows members to pay their GMAR, Michigan Realtors® and NAR dues on a monthly basis while affording them 2 designation courses and a slew of other continuing education courses at no additional cost. Since its 2010 inception, GMAR had just under 3,000 REALTORS® who completed a REBAC course through MemberMaxâ„¢. GMAR CEO Duane Marsh said, "GMAR agent training focuses on elevated service level and designs offerings that prepare today's real estate professional for the new, emerging buyer client."

2014 REALTOR® Active in Politics: Teri Spiro

Southfield, MI: The REALTOR® Active in Politics award is presented to a REALTOR® who has encouraged, educated, identified and recruited individuals by their contribution, investment and efforts in all levels of the governmental and political arenas. Members of the Greater Metropolitan Association of REALTORS® (GMAR) have placed their votes for this esteemed honor and elected Teri Spiro to receive the 2014 GMAR REALTOR® Active in Politics award.

Teri served on the former Western Wayne Oakland County Association of REALTORS® from 1998 to 2002 and as President in 2001. She has made considerable contributions to the REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC). RPAC aids in advocacy for the real estate profession by supporting legislators who fight for real estate related issues. Teri is ranked within the President’s Circle of Golden R major investors and is in the RPAC Hall of Fame, meaning she has invested more than $25,000 to RPAC in her lifetime. She has served 20 years on the local RPAC committee, 10 years on the State RPAC Committee, Chair 2008, and 10 years on the State Public Policy Committee, Chair 2006. She was a Michigan REALTORS® Director in 2005 and 2006. For 4 years Teri has been a Federal Political Coordinator to Congressman Sander Levin.

After being asked how she felt about receiving this award, Teri stated, “I am happy and honored; there are several politically active Realtors® in our Association!” For over 25 years, Teri has been actively working on political campaigns. Teri said that, “As long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by the political arena. Supporting candidates and policies that are good for home ownership and mortgage polices is crucial to our industry, and the economy.” She has organized fundraisers, coordinated door-to-door visits and hosted numerous meet and greets. Teri has co-hosted events with national figures such as Elaine Chao, John McCain and Rudy Guiliani. GMAR congratulates Teri on winning the 2014 REALTOR® Active in Politics award.

2014 REALTOR® of the Year: Bart Patterson

Southfield, MI: The REALTOR® of the Year award honors a REALTOR® for civic and association activity, business and educational experience and “REALTOR® Spirit” (professional competence and faithfulness to the principles of real estate, as well as to the laws and regulations of the State and National Code of Ethics). Members of the Greater Metropolitan Association of REALTORS® (GMAR) placed their votes and elected Bart Patterson to receive the esteemed honor of 2014 GMAR REALTOR® of the Year.

Mr. Patterson has been in the real estate business since 1996 and obtained his Associate Broker license in 1999. He is the Immediate Past President of GMAR and has been a GMAR Director for the past 6 years. In that time, Bart has served on numerous committees and councils and has been instrumental in developing association policy and advocating for education. He not only advocates for real estate education but is a lifelong student who has earned 11 designations that he considers vital to providing outstanding client satisfaction. He has been Vice President and General Manager of RE/MAX Classic for 8 years, where he has developed and implemented a new agent training program. Bart’s knowledge and abilities have a wide-reaching effect as he is involved with the operation of 4 different offices in the Detroit area that encompass 140 agents.

Bart had this to say about winning, “It was a shock. It is truly a great thing to have been nominated and then to have won along with all the people who have been before me and all the people who will be after me. It’s a great honor, really.”

He has been involved with the Canton Chamber of Commerce for his entire 18 years as a REALTOR® and served on the Board of Directors from 2003 to 2010 and as Chair in 2005 and 2006. When asked about his great commitment to his community, he explained, “I live in the community, I want to be a part of the community, and I did have something that was of use to them. So, I became very active, very quickly.” Bart is also a member of the Canton Downtown Development Authority and a Board Member of the Partnership for the Arts and Humanities where his real estate expertise proved helpful in the securing of a historic 14 acre parcel that was formerly a Ford plant. GMAR congratulates Bart on winning the 2014 REALTOR® of the Year award.

2014 GMAR Supported Political Candidates

An interview panel, devised of members of the Government Affairs Committee, have met with and screened candidates seeking election to the Michigan Legislature.

The candidates listed below have been recommended for election and have been endorsed and supported through the Michigan REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC).

We urge you to consider supporting these candidates in the primary, August 5th. They have been found to identify strongly with those issues important to our industry.

Candidates Recommended and Funded

State Senate:
District #5 - Thomas Stallworth (D)
District #7 - Senator Patrick Colbeck (R)
District #8 - Senator Jack Brandenburg (R)
District #9 - Senator Steve Bieda (D)
District #10 - Senator Tory Rocca (R)
District #11 - Senator Vincent Gregory (D)
District #15 - Senator Mike Kowall (R)

State House:
District #10 - Jay Johnson (D)
District #16 - Rep. Robert Kosowski (D)
District #18 - Rep. Sarah Roberts (D)
District #19 - Laura Cox (R)
District #20 - Rep. Kurt Heise (R)
District #21 - Carol Ann Fausone (R)
District #22 - John Chirkun (D)
District #24 - Rep. Anthony Forlini (R)
District #25 - Rep. Henry Yanez (D)
District #26 - Rep. Jim Townsend (D)
District #27 - Robert Wittenberg (D)
District #28 - Derek Miller (D)
District #30 - Rep. Jeff Farrington (R)
District #31 - Rep. Marilyn Lane (D)
District #32 - Rep. Andrea LaFontaine (R)
District #33 - Rep. Ken Goike (R)
District #35 - Jeremy Moss (D)
District #36 - Peter Lucido (R)
District #37 - Barry Brickner (D)
District #38 - Kathy Crawford (R)
District #39 - Rep. Klint Kesto (R)
District #40 - Rep. Mike McCready (R)
District #41 - Rep. Martin Howrylak (R)

District 21 State Rep. Candidate Carol Ann Fausone, GMAR CEO Duane Marsh

District 10 State Rep. Candidate Jay Johnson, GMAR CEO Duane Marsh

District 20 State Rep. Kurt Heise, GMAR CEO Duane Marsh

District 19 State Rep. Candidate Laura Cox, GMAR CEO Duane Marsh

GMAR Government Affairs Committee Member Anthony Jablonski, GMAR Executive Kathy Coon, District 41 State Rep. Martin Howrylak, GMAR CEO Duane Marsh, GMAR Government Affairs Committee Member Norman Finkelstein

GMAR CEO Duane Marsh, District 36 State Rep. Candidate Peter Lucido, GMAR District 1 Director Shelley Schoenherr

GMAR CEO Duane Marsh, District 22 State Rep. Candidate John Chirkun, GMAR District 1 Director Shelley Schoenherr, GMAR Treasurer Debbie Zalewski

GMAR CEO Duane Marsh, District 8 Senator Jack Brandenburg, GMAR District 1 Director Shelley Schoenherr, GMAR Treasurer Debbie Zalewski

GMAR CEO Duane Marsh, District 18 State Rep. Sarah Roberts, GMAR District 1 Director Shelley Schoenherr, GMAR Treasurer Debbie Zalewski

GMAR CEO Duane Marsh, District 28 State Rep. Candidate Derek Miller, GMAR District 1 Director Shelley Schoenherr, GMAR Treasurer Debbie Zalewski

GMAR CEO Duane Marsh, District 33 State Rep. Ken Goike, GMAR District 1 Director Shelley Schoenherr, GMAR Treasurer Debbie Zalewski

GMAR CEO Duane Marsh, District 9 Senator Steve Bieda, GMAR District 1 Director Shelley Schoenherr, GMAR Treasurer Debbie Zalewski

GMAR CEO Duane Marsh, District 31 State Rep. Marilyn Lane, GMAR District 1 Director Shelley Schoenherr, GMAR Treasurer Debbie Zalewski

GMAR CEO Duane Marsh, District 24 State Rep. Anthony Forlini, GMAR District 1 Director Shelley Schoenherr, GMAR Treasurer Debbie Zalewski

GMAR CEO Duane Marsh , GMAR Government Affairs Committee Member Anthony Jablonski, District 37 State Rep. Candidate Barry Brickner, District 15 Senator Mike Kowall, District 39 State Rep. Candidate Klint Kesto, GMAR Government Affairs Committee Member Gordan McCann, GMAR Executive Kathy Coon, District 35 State Rep. Candidate Jeremy Moss, District 27 State Rep. Candidate Robert Wittenberg, GMAR Government Affairs Committee Member Norman Finkelstein, GMAR President Maureen Francis, District 26 State Rep. Jim Townsend, District 11 Senator Vincent Gregory


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